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C-FAB 1 Inc. is an Orthotic and Prosthetic central fabrication company located just outside Philadelphia, PA in Trevose, PA! C-FAB 1 INC. fabricates orthotics and prosthetics throughout the US and Canada. Established in 2006, C-FAB 1 Inc. serves a significant role in the medical field by addressing patientís orthotic and prosthetic health needs; and, as a result, in conjunction with the medical community, C-FAB 1 Inc. enhances the quality of life of many people in need.

C-FAB 1 Inc.'s trained technicians have more than 100 years combined experience and produce quality products in a timely manner. Rush items and special orders are available. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our quick service and quality products!! C-FAB 1 Inc. looks forward to the possibility of a relationship with your Company, as a result of which, together, we will be able to expertly service your patientsí needs. Should you desire immediate attention, do not hesitate to call us.

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